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We have been involved in BEE Verification audits under IRBA since 2010 and have highly qualified staff to assist you with the BEE Verification process.

We can assist you with BEE certification in North-West, Gauteng and anywhere in South Africa

#1 BEE Verification Agency in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Rustenburg

Business Categories

Businesses are categorised based on their Annual Turnover. This determines the type of verification required.

#1 BEE Verification Agency

Exempted Micro Enterprise - EME

Turnover less than R10 million
Automatic Level 4 (100%) Recognition
At least 51% black owned - Level 2 recognition
100% Black owned - Level 1 recognition
No verification required

Qualifying Small Enterprise - QSE

Turnover between R10 and R50 million
At least 51% black owned - Level 2 recognition
100% Black owned - Level 1 recognition
Other QSE's to comply with all the scorecard elements
Verification required


Turnover more than R50 million
Company to comply with all the scorecard elements.
Verification required

DVS BEE is your #1 B-BBEE verification agency in the North-West Province, Gauteng (Pretoria & Johannesburg) and nation wide.

We are proudly Level 2 BBBEE


At DVS BEE verification agency we know that the process to get your B-BBEE Certificate can be daunting and time consuming but we aim to assist and guide you as quick as possible through the BEE Verification process.

Are you aware that your firm’s BEE certificate is only valid for 1 year from the date of issue? Yes, your company needs to go through the B-BBEE verification process once a year. We at DVS BEE Services, a SANAS accredited verification agency in Rustenburg (operating in Pretoria, Johannesburg and the rest of South Africa) can advise you what documents you need for your firm’s BEE Certificate, contact us and one of our specialists can provide you with a checklist of what documents are needed for your B-BBEE verification file. The BEE verification analyst may request additional documents depending on your company’s BEE initiative and claims.

You might wonder why is it important to be B-BBEE certified? Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment was initiated in 2003 by the South African government. If your company is BEE compliant other BEE companies will do business with you because they will increase their own score on the BEE scorecard. It will also benefit your company’s score under the Preferential Procurement section on the B-BBEE scorecard if you support other BEE companies. Don’t unnecessarily lose out on any business, to be BEE complaint is a requirement for all government tenders, let DVS BEE assist you to get your B-BBEE certificate.

B-BBEE verification is an independent audit process and DVS BEE can assist your company to authenticate and certify the BEE procurement recognition level and B-BBEE status of your firm. A BEE rating is the B-BBEE status level you achieve after the verification process. The BEE Level can range from a Level 8, with a 10% procurement recognition to a Level 1, with a 135% procurement recognition. Enquiry now for the cost of BEE verification services.

We are a SANAS accredited BEE verification agency who can assist with you with your company’s BEE Certificate in North-West, Gauteng and nation wide.


Have a look at the different companies that can apply for a B-BBEE Certificate under our BBBEE Services. The following elements can improve and increase your firm’s BEE level on the B-BBEE scorecard: % of black ownership, management control, procurement, supplier and enterprise development, the up-skilling and employment of disabled black candidates and the training and development of your company’s black employees and unemployed learners.

At DVS BEE Services we offer expert, efficient, reliable and cost-effective B-BBEE Verification services. We carry out the BEE Verification Audit in line with the current BEE Code of Practice and SANAS requirements. At DVS BEE verification agency we are a team of highly qualified staff. Our core team consists of BEE specialists, Chartered Accountants and Attorneys. We don’t just offer our services for BEE verification in Rustenburg, but also Pretoria and Johannesburg. We can assist you with your B-BBEE certification anywhere in the North West (Rustenburg), Gauteng (Pretoria, Johannesburg and Midrand), and South Africa.

Latest News

June 2019

The B-BBEE Commission just released their Annual Report on BEE trends for 2018

The amended Codes of Good Practice were published on 31 May for implementation within the next 6 months. This includes changes on some definitions, general statements, skills development and preferential procurement.

Public Statement and Policy on Impartiality

Impartiality lies at the heart of DVS BEE SERVICES’s commitment to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment and related verifications.

DVS BEE SERVICES base its impartiality policy on the underlying values of: objectivity, independence, freedom from conflict of interest, freedom from bias, lack of prejudice, neutrality, fairness and open mindedness.

To ensure that impartiality is both maintained and can be demonstrated the following principles have been established:

  • DVS BEE SERVICES certificates are only issued after review by an independent, authorized and competent technical signatory to ensure that no interest predominate.
  • DVS BEE SERVICES shall not provide both BEE verification and BEE consultation or any other services related to any of the elements of the BEE scorecard to the same measured entity.

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  • DVS BEE SERVICES shall not be a beneficiary to an entities BEE scorecard except for the cost of the BEE verification.
  • DVS BEE SERVICES does not have any compromising relationships with companies who offer BEE consultancy or other services that can be construed as having an impact on the impartiality of the BEE verification provided by DVS BEE SERVICES. Any proposed relationship between DVS BEE SERVICES and any other company will undergo a risk assessment prior to the formalization of the relationship
  • Individuals employed by DVS BEE SERVICES are required to document their current relationship and past relationships with all companies specifically if they have provided consultancy in the past two years. Any situation past or present which may present a potential conflict of interest is required to be declared by employees on the declaration form to be completed. Should there be a conflict of interest and it cannot be resolved without compromising objectivity DVS BEE SERVICES shall not provide the verification.
  • All employees will be monitored annually to ensure, amongst other criteria that they remain impartial.
  • DVS BEE SERVICES shall in no way provide a verification that is simpler, faster or less expensive to the entity as a result of the entity making use of a specific consultancy agency
  • DVS BEE SERVICES shall provide accurate and not misleading information to the public.